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Chamois adds UKAS accredited dimensional measurement

In response to popular demand, Chamois Metrology has added UKAS accredited dimensional measurement to its full range of UKAS instrument calibration services, which now cover dimensional, mechanical, physical calibration and repair services for dimensional, torque and pressure, test and measuring equipment.

Some examples of equipment that may be calibrated in the Chamois laboratory include:
> Orifice plates
> Straight Edges
> Engineers Squares
> Dial Test Indicators
> Micrometers
> Setting rods
> Spirit levels
> Vernier callipers

Established in 2005, Chamois Metrology has grown to become one of Europe’s leading UKAS calibration facilities (Lab no. 0822). Certified to ISO 17025:2017, the Chamois UKAS accredited facility is equipped to internationally acclaimed standards in pressure, electrical, mass, temperature and now dimensional; delivering some of the best calibration services available.

The addition of UKAS accredited dimensional measurement services represents a great achievement for Chamois and another step forward for the company, as it adds more new services to our customers. For more information on dimensional, physical and mechanical calibration services

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Chamois News

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