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Additel’s new 260Ex handheld multichannel reference recorder

Additel’s 260Ex is an Intrinsically safe handheld multichannel reference recorder with 8 different channel configurations. Additel’s most versatile and capable handheld allows technicians to measure and collect data for pressure, temperature (RTD probes available), barometric pressure and electrical measurement all in one highly portable device, and it provides pressure measurement accuracies as good as 0.02%FS

Intrinsically Safe:
The ADT260EX has passed the most stringent ATEX, IECEX, CSA, and UKCA intrinsic safety certifications. Each unit complies with a certification level of Ex ia IIC T4 Ga. This highly qualified reference recorder can be widely used in potentially explosive gas environments, such as oil and gas platforms, refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants, pharmaceutical industry, energy and gas processing industry.

Datalogging Capabilities:
The Additel 260EX includes a sizable built-in automatic recording capability which supports multi parameter logging, trend curve display, local curve observation and statistical feedback. The logged results are stored onboard and can be viewed locally. The data storage capacity is up to 10 million readings (single channel) with a logging interval that is configurable from 0.1s ~ 9999s.

8 Channel Combinations:
Channel 1: Built-in digital pressure module, field switchable
Channel 2: Built-in barometer, which can be calibrated by the user
Channels 3 and 4: External digital pressure module inputs
Channel 5: Simulated differential pressure channel synthesized using channels 3 and 4
Channels 6 and 7: Temperature measurement channels supporting resistance sensors with 2, 3 or 4 wires Channel 8: Measures current, voltage, frequency, pulse or switch testing. Built-in loop power included

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