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Chamois Metrology’s new laboratory adds new depths to dimensional metrology

We’ve now added dimensional metrology to traceable standards to compliment our renowned UKAS calibration capabilities. Our new purpose-built laboratory, which houses some of the most advanced, sophisticated metrology equipment available, is designed to provide high caliber first article and third party dimensional metrology and measurement.


Comprehensive traceable calibration service
for dimensional metrology

Dimensional Metrology inspection is recognised as being a critical step in product development and quality control. It monitors the quality of instruments using three different measuring methods; pneumatic, tactile and optical to check diameter, length, spacing, shape and position.

Dimensional inspection verifies the accuracy of product features that can affect reliability and functionality, and can be a critical step during product development or following production.

All calibrations are performed to the highest possible standards using our approved procedures, standard methods and uncertainties. Where possible we try to accommodate user-specific requirements.

Dial Test Indicators, Lever & Plunger Types
Digitmatic Indicators
Micrometers, Depth, External & Internal
Micrometer Setting Standards
Calipers, Digital, Dial & Vernier
Engineers Squares
Straight Edges
(up to 2 metre)
Dial Thickness Gauges
Height Gauges
, Digital & Vernier
Orifice Plates
Spirit Levels
Dial Bore Comparators

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